Start a New Business

Get your new business off on a good footing with a well-crafted business name. Explore these best practices for early development of your brand image.  


Make sure your business name clearly tells customers what your business offers

A common mistake business owners make is to present a catchy business name with no clear explanation as to what the business offers. Unless your brand is already well recognized, or you have a large marketing budget to quickly gain broad brand recognition, your business is best served with a name that describes what it provides.

For example, what do you associate with the name "Northside Construction?" Is it a general contractor? Do they build new homes, or do they do commercial construction? Do they do remodeling? Do they only work on the north side of town? It begs more questions than it answers.

What do you associate with the name "Ashley's Studio?" Is it an art studio, a yoga studio, a dance studio? Anyone who drives by Ashley's Dance Studio will know precisely what the business is about, and is more likely to draw new customers.

What do you associate with the name "Quiply?" If your answer is nothing, that's exactly our point.

We can't overemphasize the importance of informing customers about what your business offers. It begins with your business name. As you build your brand materials - logos, store signs, ads, etc., unless your logo visually imparts what your business is about, never separate your business name from what you offer until your brand name is widely known.

Establish an iconic logo

Your logo should be original, memorable, and represent your company's culture and identity for years to come.

Your logo must work in black and white and be scalable, so it can be used in very small and very large sizes to suit the broad variety of applications for its use.

There are many types of logos, such as wordmarks, lettermarks, brandmarks, combination marks, and seal marks.

If you need help determining what type of logo is best for your new business, our experienced designers are available to discuss and create your custom logo. Click here for more details and logo design pricing.

Wordmark Logo

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Brandmark Logo

Develop well-coordinated brand materials

Beautifully designed and well-coordinated brand materials and advertisements gives customers an important perception that your business is established and trustworthy.

Cdesigns can design your materials and ads in keeping with your brand image. We can also create a style reference guide for your brand that gives your employees and vendors direction on what logos, brand colors, and design elements they can use when developing something visual for your brand.  

We can build your coordinated brand materials item by item as your needs require and your budget allows. From staple items such as a logo, business cards, brochures, signs, and your website to digital ads and social media posts, contact Cdesigns and put your new business brand image in our very capable hands.

Business Cards

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Social Media Ads

We have a huge selection of business cards to fit your budget and style.

Well-coordinated brand materials reflect positively on your business as a whole.

A take-away brochure, rack card, or flyer is often high on the marketing priority list for new business owners.

A website is a critical marketing tool for many businesses. We can help yours be the best among your competitors.

We can create branded social media graphics for you. You can have them automatically post according to a schedule you define.