Retain & Reward Customers

Successful businesses regularly build customer loyalty through retention and reward programs. Are you doing all these things other businesses are doing to grow customer loyalty?


Are you routinely reminding customers to return?

Postcards are a great way to let your customers know they are overdue for a visit. We can design an eye-catching reminder postcard or digital reminder ads for your business.

Reward customers with a loyalty "punch" card that gives them a treat once they have achieved a milestone purchase. Loyalty "punch" cards get customers invested in returning. It's a tried and true strategy because customers don't like to miss out on their free reward.

A digital, point-system loyalty card can work for customers who are already in the habit of purchasing from you, but for those who are not yet established, it can be more effective to onboard new customers with a printed loyalty card that is VISIBLE to them every time they open their wallet. They may be preferred by customers who are annoyed by text and email marketing ads.




Loyalty Cards



Send customers a gentle reminder postcard or ad. Tickle their funnybones with a humorous graphic and a witty phrase.

Send customers home with a branded magnetic sports calendar featuring a local sports team.

We can design a creative loyalty card for your business. We have optional spot gloss treatments that provide a measure of counterfeit resistance for loyalty cards.

Your customers can keep your branded notepads by the refrigerator, by the computer, and on the nightstand!

There you are every time your customer takes a sip of coffee!

do you give customers an incentive to refer friends & family to you?

Educate your customers about your refer-a-friend program.

Consider all the ways and places you can reinforce your refer-a-friend program - the back of your business card, in your business brochure, or on a floor decal are just a few examples.

Use an incentive on your promotions. A simplistic example: "Get 20% off anything in the store. Bring a friend and they'll get 20% off too!"

Tabletop Banners




Foam Board Signs

Retractable tabletop banners are a great way to inform customers. Use one or more to pitch your refer-a-friend program.

Convey important information about your refer-a-friend program in your business brochure.

Strategically positioned posters will inform and remind your customers of the benefits of your refer-a-friend program.

"Ask Me About Our Refer-a-Friend Program" on the front of an employee's t-shirt is a great way to get people talking!

Hang signage that promotes your refer-a-friend program.

Are you saying "Thank You" and "we're sorry?"

Going out of your way to thank your customers can set you apart from your competition. Build a thank you plan into your overall marketing plan.

We can design custom thank you cards for your business, whether you choose to send them via mail or digitally.

Also consider whether your business staff is equipped to say, "We're sorry," if customer service falls short of expectations. An apology and a ready-at-hand remedy such as a discount coupon on a future purchase can go a long way to win over a disgruntled customer.

Thank You Cards

Free Passes

Discount Cards

Floor Decals

Gift Cards

Everyone responds to genuine appreciation. Include a coupon to make your thank you even sweeter!

A free pass or free item coupon is bound to turn a customer's frown upside down!

Equip your manager with a few business cards that include a discount offer on the back. Retain unhappy customers with goodwill.

A "Thank You for Visiting Today" floor decal that customers see on their way out of your business leaves customers with a warm feeling.

It may be better to give away a gift card to keep a customer happy and keep them as a customer for life.

Are you remembering customers on special occasions?

Remember your customers on their happy occasions, such as holidays, birthdays, anniversaires, and milestone events. It helps you connect with them on a more personal level and reinforces your brand in a pleasant way.

We can design custom greeting cards, gift cards, gift tags, or gift stickers to suit any occasion. Custom-printed bottle hang tags are perfect for gifting a bottle of wine or a bottle of olive oil. We can print signs, baseball caps, mugs, and other affordable gifts with your customized message and logo.

Holiday Cards

Birthday Treats

Milestone Cards

Bottleneck Hang Tags

Baseball Hats

Don't undervalue how much it may mean to a customer to receive your holiday card.

Everyone loves to be remembered on their birthday. Treat your customers like family.

Recognize the anniversary of your client becoming your customer!

If you're gifting wine or liquor to VIP clients, why not remind them who it came from with a branded bottleneck hang tag.

You can order as few as one custom-embroidered baseball hat. Give them to VIP customers as a special gift and benefit from ongoing advertising.