Direct Mail


Direct mail continues to be a popular way for businesses to reach consumers. Whether your mail piece lands in the mailboxes of current customers or prospective new customers, one thing is certain; regular direct mail to both groups makes it more likely that when they need a service or product you offer, your company's name will be the one they think of first. Your mail piece can be customized with such things as a tear-off business card and promotional offers. Adding a website URL and/or a QR code can drive traffic to your website where your products and services are on full display with text, images, video, demos, blogs, chat, etc., but first you have to let people know who you are and where you are. That's where direct mail can help.

After consulting with you about your vision and goals, our team will design, print, and mail your marketing pieces. We offer both saturation mail (blanketing an area you define) and targeted mail (going out to specific addressees based on demographic characteristics you specify, or to your own mailing list.) The type of business you're in and who your customers are generally determines which is the most effective method.

Saturation mailing to a radius around your location or to specific neighborhoods or zip codes is done most cost effectively by taking advantage of the USPS Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) postage rate. You can mail a large postcard, a brochure, and many other types of marketing materials for just 19.8 cents per piece. You can even mail up to a 20-page catalog for just 19.8 cents.

We charge $30 per thousand pieces to handle the processing for you. This includes bundling, completing the paperwork required by the post office, and transport of the bundles to the post office (or offices) that will be delivering them. 

Plus for a limited time, if you print more than 5,000 of any of our print marketing materials, we’ll design your mailpiece for you for FREE!

To get started, choose and purchase an EDDM qualifying postcard. Contact us if you want to send something other than a postcard to make sure it will qualify for EDDM. 

Add the Direct Mail Processing fee to your cart and check out. A designer will contact you to begin your project. We will prompt you when it's time to pay the postage cost.

Reach more customers! Contact us to discuss your direct mail campaign today.