Graphic Design


In a world where consumers are surrounded by advertising, it’s important to stand out from the crowd with great graphic design. Cdesigns will get you noticed with attention-grabbing, custom graphics. Our exceptionally-talented graphic designers can bring your vision to life… or do the imagining for you. Whether your business is new or established, our artists are ready to work with you to build exciting new materials that showcase your brand. We can create:


Wall Decals

Print Marketing Materials

Trade Show Booth Displays


Promo Items


Merchandise (t-shirts, hats, etc.)

Direct Mail Pieces

Social Media Graphics

Digital & Print Ads

& More


What We Charge for Graphic Design:

1) What’s Free

We provide free graphic design when you purchase a quantity of 5,000 or more of any CDESIGNS print marketing product – brochures, postcards, catalogs, whatever you need! Where free graphic design is provided, Cdesigns retains ownership of the design files.

After an initial consultation, we’ll custom design your marketing piece. Our graphic design includes custom graphic elements, up to 5 free stock photosan accessible graphic designer, an emailed proof, up to 3 revisions, and placement of your initial print order. If you need to reorder, just a quick phone call to us is all it takes.

2) Flat Design Rates

For print order quantities of less than 5,000, we offer one low, flat price to design many types of print marketing materials. Refer to product descriptions for their graphic design costs.

3) Graphic Design By the Hour

For projects not associated with a print product, we charge an hourly rate. If your project falls into this category, you can choose one of the following two options:

a) Traditional Graphic Design - $85/hr

Task your project to our design team. After a brief consultation, we’ll take the ball and run with it. A proof of your finished design will be emailed to you, and you can request revisions as desired.

Traditional graphic design can include 3D renderings (like the product images throughout this website). Here is an example of the 3D magic we can do with product images. We created an image of a label for a water bottle (pictured below). Using an image of a blank bottle, we modified the shape and opacity of the bottle, digitally wrapped the label around it, duplicated it, and superimposed the bottles into a background scene for a realistic result.

(Water Bottle Label)


The final image below looks very realistic, but in fact this scene never existed!

We can render your boring 2D product images into vibrant 3D images to make them more exciting and appealing, which can ultimately lead to more sales!


b) Real-Time Graphic Design - $95/hr

Work live with a Master Designer with our Real-Time Design experience. We’ll give you a website address that will allow you to see your designer’s monitor live, right from your own computer. Talk to your designer, provide your input, and steer the progress of your work. Whether you have a clear design vision in mind, or you’re relying on our artist’s creativity, you can watch your design come to life before your eyes. See something you don’t like? Want to change a color? Do you want the designer to move something to a different spot? As your design takes shape, you can use your mouse to point to things on the screen, and your artist will render it to your liking. Fun! Efficient! No back and forth revisions necessary!

For graphic design associated with a print product, refer to the product. For other graphic design projects, you can purchase graphic design by the hour to get your project started.

For a quote or questions, call 520-488-1706 or email: