Below, we've listed a few of the most common marketing materials used by law professionals. If you already have these basic materials, is it time to refresh the words or images? Do the materials take advantage of modern digital and print technologies, such as QR codes, spot UV, and soft, velvety finishes? Are they well-written? Are they eye-catching? Are all your print materials consistently brand-coordinated? Are they current with any changes in your business? If you can check all these boxes for your existing marketing materials, you may be ready to go beyond the basics with new marketing ideas. Look for inspiration under "Other Ideas" below. 

Commonly used marketing materials in the law industry:

Other Ideas:

Introduce Yourself:  Give clients an overview that is quick and easy to understand. We can develop Stagger-cut flyers for you with a page each for "Area of Expertise, "Success Stories," "Fee Structures," "Credentials," and "What We Can Do for You." This information reassures clients that you are reputable, experienced, transparent with your pricing, accessible, and successful. Mirror this information on your website to reinforce the message.

Stretch Your Advertising Budget with a Co-Op:  Consider partnering with other businesses to co-op on a direct mail booklet. You can significantly stretch your budget and reach more client prospects when you share the cost of advertising. Cdesigns can work with you and your partners to develop and mail your co-op advertising campaign.

Strengthen Your Client Relationship:  Present your valuable clients with a gift that speaks to their unique passion, like a set of golf balls presented in your own custom-branded boxes. When your client feels you know and understand them on a personal level, it helps seal your position as a trusted representative for their legal matters.

Showcase Your Track Record of Positive Outcomes:  Give satisfied clients a Review Card to subtly remind them that a review or testimonial would be very much appreciated. A Review Card tells customers how and where they can write a review for you. Making it easy for clients to review you increases your chances of getting great reviews in all the right places. Be sure to respond to positive reviews with a thank you.

Say "Thank You":  Are you showing your clients how much you appreciate being selected to fulfill their need for legal representation? Sending a custom-branded thank you card with a hand-written note is a small detail, but clients will remember your thoughtfulness. Clients who feel valued are more likely to refer you to their friends, family, and business associates when the occasion arises.

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