Promote a Grand Opening

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression, so introduce your new business with energy, style, and goodwill. Here are some suggestions to successfully set the stage for what's "Coming Soon."


maximize your grand opening signage

Grand openings can be hectic and crowded, and you might not be able to give individual attention to every customer. Let signs and print media fill in for you. Brochures, flyers, and cards can inform customers about grand opening deals, your Refer-a-Friend/Get-a-Reward program, your custom order capabilities, your no-hassle return policy, and any other special features you think your customers would love.

We offer a large variety of indoor and outdoor signs to make your big day a success. We have highlighted a few signage ideas below, but this is by no means an exhaustive list. Browse our full signage menu or contact us if you'd like help with branding and signage for your Grand Opening.


A-Frame Signs

Window Decals

Aluminum Signs


We can make your banner say, "Grand Opening," "Now Open," "Join us for Our Ribbon Cutting," or something else.

If you're looking to hire employees ahead of your grand opening, post signs that encourage people to apply.

Near your entrance, post vital information such as your business name, hours, days of operation, and accepted payment methods.

Aluminum signs that clearly direct customers where to park will prevent parking chaos and frustrated customers.

Even a gentle breeze gives a flashy movement to custom-printed flags. They are sure to attract attention to your grand opening.

Widely distribute grand opening announcements

Stir up a buzz about your grand opening by splashing the news around town. Get the word out in as many ways as possible, in order to reach as many people as possible.

Brainstorm a list of all the possible ways you can advertise: print materials, digital advertising, a website, social media, publications, PR releases, radio, television, and any other means you think will be effective and within your grand opening budget. Organize your list by methods that are no cost, low cost, and high cost. Then make a plan for allocating your Grand Opening advertising budget. Try to advertise through as many different avenues as you can. Ask customers how they heard about your Grand Opening so you can refine your advertising plan for the next event.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Direct Mail Postcards

Online Blitz

Windshield Flyers

Rack Cards

Door Hangers

Send out grand opening postcards to specific people, or blanket an area for a lower saturation postage rate.

Identify your target customers and advertise where they hang out online. Don't forget neighborhood online sites.

Promote your grand opening with flyers on car windshields, on grocery store bulletin boards, in coffee shops, and bus stops.

Place rack cards in hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, and other businesses with high traffic and/or tourists.

Distribute Grand Opening door hangers. Include a tear-off business card or a coupon for a discount or a free hot dog.

go to local area events with a booth to build excitement

We can outfit you with just about everything you'll need to promote your grand opening at an area event.


Event Canopies

Branded Tablecloths

Prize Tickets

Bottled Water

Hand out flyers that inform customers about your products, services, and special offers, so they can refer to them when they get home.

Use your custom-printed canopy at local area events and/or near the entrance of your grand opening location.

A branded tablecloth will give you the well-coordinated look that sends a signal to customers that your business is well-established.

Conduct a raffle or let customers spin a wheel for a free prize. We can design any kind of raffle ticket or prize certificate you can dream up.

Encourage people to linger at your booth by handing out free bottles of water with your brand label. Others will see them and ask where they got them.

Talk up your grand opening

Reach out to people in your community who could be instrumental in helping your business become successful. Shake hands and give out your business cards. Send letters to community leaders to ask for their support in launching your business. Talk to the folks at your local Chamber of Commerce about a ribbon cutting ceremony. Talk to other business owners and see if there are ways you can partner to share advertising expenses or cross-promote. Talk to your neighbors, friends, and family and ask them to talk you up!

Business Cards



Giveaway Offers


Hand out lots of business cards, and personally invite recipients to your grand opening.

Introduce yourself to strategic partners in a letter. Share the news about your grand opening, and ask for support.


Pack your presentation folder with information about your new business that will encourage prospects to do business with you.

Free passes, a raffle drawing, free samples, or free demonstrations are a few ideas for attracting lots of people to your grand opening.

Send out the invitations to your grand opening. Be sure to include all the important details - the date, time, and how to get there.