Conduct & Promote an Event

An event is an ideal way to introduce a new product or service. It lets customers get to know the people behind the brand and it provides you with excellent opportunities to let them know the benefits of what you have to offer. Here are some ways to make your event a success.


advertise the details of your upcoming event

Display eye-catching materials that highlight the date, time and location of your event in high-traffic locations, or place a flyer or invitation directly into the hands of both existing and potential customers. Advertise your event on the radio, on television, in the newspaper and in other publications. Use a QR code and a landing page with the details of your event on your website. Here are some more ways to get the word out about your event.



Direct Mail

Social Media Posts

Foam Board Signs

Send out the invitations! Include photos and descriptions that will draw people to your event.

Distribute colorful flyers. Place them in waiting areas, on windows and counters, or on windshields.

Map your target prospects and send them enticing postcards.

Get customers talking about your event on social media. We can design custom graphics for you to post.

Go big with signage that builds excitement about your event.

gear up for the big day

Acquire all the gear and supplies you'll need for your event. This may include an outdoor event tent or an indoor trade show booth display, a branded tablecloth, event tickets, brochures, flyers, and other print items. Make the members of your team stand out with coordinated, branded clothing such as custom-embroidered polo shirts, t-shirts, or hats. This can be especially helpful at crowded events when customers are looking for someone to answer questions or demonstrate a feature.

Vendor Event Canopies

Branded Tablecloth

Trade Show Booth Display

Event and Raffle Tickets

Polo Shirts

Be the star of the show with your custom-printed canopy. We can make it flashy, sophisticated, trendy, or anything else you might dream up.

Our custom-printed tablecloths help you showcase your brand in a big way.

Command attention at trade shows with your own custom-printed booth display.  

We can design custom-printed event tickets and/or raffle tickets to draw people to your table or booth.

Custom-embroidered polo shirts displaying your company logo allows the people manning your booth to present a professional image to attendees.

Plan your giveaways 

Order your giveaway items well in advance of your event, so they arrive in plenty of time. Give out items that will keep people talking about your brand long after your event is over.

Branded Bottled Water



Calendar & Sports Magnets

Logo Stickers

Position your free bottled water station where it will reap the most interaction with your potential customers.

Introduce yourself to prospective customers and clients with a well-designed brochure. We can help with your layout and content.

Many businesses give away free t-shirts because they are a practical item and serve as a testimonial as well as a billboard.

Magnets are likely to end up on a refrigerator or a locker where your logo will remain highly visible.

Logo stickers are an affordable giveaway. Customers can put them on their water flasks, notebooks, and computers. Help customers "stick" with you.

plan and prepare your event-related merchandise

Start recouping the cost of your event by selling merchandise, when permitted. From branded hang tags and bag topper cards to branded merchandise like t-shirts, gift cards, and coffee mugs, we can help design and deliver the goods for your event.

Hang Tags

Bag Topper Cards


Gift Cards

Coffee Mugs

Branded hang tags are an affordable way to increase perception of value.

Bag topper cards make professional-looking packaging easy and affordable. We can design these for you.

Sell t-shirts. They are practical and popular. We can design t-shirts to your specifications, with no minimum quantity order requirement.

Sell yourself! We can create one or more gift cards for your business.

Sell coffee mugs. We can design mugs with your logo or design a line of mugs for you with funny sayings, motivational sayings, or photos.


On the day of the event, you may need signs to direct people to parking areas and the event itself. Color coordinated, logo-branded signs make it easy for visitors to find you. We also have warning/safety signs should you need them for any trouble spots. Our selection of materials ensures you can find something durable and weather resistant. Attract people to your event or booth with attention-grabbing signage. We can craft engaging ad copy and eye-popping signage to draw a crowd.



Retractable Banners

Corrugated Plastic Signs

A-Frame Signs

Colorful flags snapping in the breeze draw attention to any area with both motion and sound.

If you want to be spotted by customers and prospects from a distance, banners are a lightweight and affordable way to grab their attention.

Retractable banners are easy to transport from location to location, and expand in a flash to silently shout, "We're Open."

Placing signage that gets people to your event on the big day may be the most important thing to plan and implement well in advance.

An a-frame sign in front of your booth can help let customers know you're ready to serve them.