Attract New Customers

In order to turn customer prospects into patrons, you first have to grab their attention. Are you doing all these things other businesses are doing to attract new customers?


Is your exterior signage effective?

Take a moment to re-evaluate your exterior signage from the perspective of a passerby who has never visited. It's true... first impressions count!

Does your signage reinforce your brand? Is it optimal from a graphics perspective? In other words, is it eye-catching and in an easy to read font? Are the letters correctly sized to be seen from the street and is the message concise so that passersby can read it within seconds and know who you are and what you do (or sell)?

Are your signs damaged, worn, faded, or outdated? These silent visual cues can make your business appear less thriving and less appealing. Refresh them to boost your curb appeal.

Poll your customers to see how many of them found you just by driving by. If they found you some other way, ask them if your exterior signs made it easy to find your location.

Use banners, A-frame "sidewalk" signs, window decals, aluminum signs, flags, and outdoor floor decals to capture attention and make what you offer clear to passersby.


A-Frame Signs

Window Decals

Aluminum Signs


We can print banners as large as 6 ft tall and 20 ft wide. Customers can't help but see them.

Place an a-frame sign on the sidewalk in front of your business and change out the promotions each month.

Lure foot traffic into your business with eye-catching decals. 

Use weather-resistant aluminum signs around your business exterior to guide and direct your customers.

Attract drive-by traffic with colorful flags that are visible from a distance.

ARE YOU SUPPLYING YOUR CUSTOMERS WITH THE TOOLS THEY NEED TO spread the good word about your business?

Consider what items customers can take away from your store and what exposure those items may have that would spred brand awareness for you.

For instance, promotional items like pens or calendars may be seen or used by others for months. Shopping bags or branded totes may also be reused. Business cards, brochures, coupons and the like make it easy for happy customers to refer you to friends and family.

Every business/industry can find creative ways to maximize exposure of their brand. When people see your brand repeatedly in different ways, you appear successful and credible.


Business Cards


Bumper Stickers

Logo Stickers

Use iconic logo designs or humor and let your customers advertise you around town.

Include a business card with every receipt you issue and promote your refer-a-friend program on the back of the card.

Brochures provide a larger space for you to tell customers what sets you apart from the competition.

Let your customers display their love for your brand on the bumper of their cars. It's a sure way for your brand to be seen.

Keep a basket of logo stickers at your checkout counter and encourage customers and their children to help themselves!

Are you attending local area events and/or trade shows?

Since your greatest asset is Y-O-U, try to attend events where you can meet prospective customers face-to-face. Look for events and trade shows where you can maximize new contacts. Consider easy-to-set-up tables(s) and/or a booth canopy to provide strong, memorable branding. There may be busy times when you can't get to everyone, so be sure to have enough business cards, brochures, and other materials laid out. These items can be carried away and do the speaking for you.

Trade Show Display

Event Canopies

Branded Tablecloths

Event/Raffle Tickets

Bottled Water

Command attention at trade shows with your own custom-printed booth display.

Be the star of the show with a custom-printed event canopy. We'll design it for you at no additional cost.

We can coordinate a custom-printed tablecloth to match your canopy or trade show display or for stand-alone use.

We can design custom-printed event tickets and/or raffle tickets to draw people to your table or booth.

Handing out branded bottles of water attracts people to your booth and gets your brand seen around and outside of the event.

Are you reaching customers with direct mail?

Yes, direct mail is still a relevant means of attracting new customers. Both national and local brands continue to reap the benefits of direct mail marketing, and you can too.

One method is to saturate (blanket) a specific area or a radius around your location and take advantage of the USPS Every Door Direct Mail program. It costs less than 20 cents per mailpiece (at time of this publication) whether you mail a qualifying-sized postcard or up to a 20-page catalog!

Another method is to target a specific demographic group, say seniors or fitness enthusiasts. We can pull a targeted mailing list for you.

Yet another method is to use your mailing list to reach people.

We can design, print, and mail your campaign. Get the word out to the masses!


Tear Off Cards




We can help you combine dynamic graphics with thoughtful text to ensure your postcard stands out from the rest.

Introduce your business with a postcard with a tear-off business card or discount coupon.

A well-designed brochure helps customers learn about your business. We can help with your layout and content.

We can design catalogs and booklets that showcase and illustrate the scope of your products and services.

For those who don't feel like cooking after a long day at work, a menu in the mail can be a welcome sight.

Are you placing effective advertisements where they will get noticed?

Attract new customers by making your promotional business materials visible to prospects. Experiment with these and more ideas until you find what works.

Place a magnet displaying your brand and contact information on your car. Place ads online where your customers are surfing or in publications your customers subscribe to. Distribute door hangers in targeted neighborhoods. Stock local area rack displays with your informational rack card. If applicable, ask customers if they will allow you to post a sign in their yard. Ask other businesses who align with yours if they'll display your information if you display theirs. Discover where your competitors are advertising and one up them!

If you need creative design for any of these items, give us a call.

Car Magnets

Digital Space Ads

Door Hangers

Rack Cards

Yard Signs

Car and truck magnets keep your brand "out there" whether you're on the road, in a parking lot, or parked in a customer's driveway.

Our full-service graphics team is ready to create your digital ads for use on your website, in social media and for other online spaces where your customers are hanging out.

Door hangers are impossible to ignore. They're useful for introducing your business to potential customers.

Visitors and locals alike are always looking for something to do. Get your cards into rack displays around town.

Many satisfied customers are happy to let you plant your branded trade sign in their yard. It's an invitation to the neighbors to make inquiries.

Are you promoting a sale or Special Offer?

Everyone loves a good deal. Consider preparing regular and/or seasonal promotions in advance to reduce last-minute stress, especially around holidays. Our monthly "Seasonal Sensations" featured on our home page will keep you stay ahead of the game so your print materials are ready well before your promotion begins. Subscribe to our mailing list to receive our Seasonal Sensations suggestions via email.

If you offer a professional service, consider offering a free consultation, a discount on an initial service, or a free informational booklet.

Coupon Cards


QR Code Cards


Floor Decals

Distribute coupon cards at special events, or mail them to customers with a "We haven't seen you in a while" message.

Place your promotional flyers in waiting areas, in packaging, on counters, at special events, and anywhere else they may be seen.

We can generate a QR code that links to a page on your website. We can print your QR code on signs and other print materials.

Attract new customers with signs that compel a desired action.

Strategically place floor decals inside and out to promote your private brand or popular brands you represent.

Are you impressing prospective customers with well-coordinated brand materials?

Presenting a polished and cohesive brand image using coordinated print materials sends a powerful message to prospective customers. When brands (businesses) "have it all together," customers perceive them to be more credible, reputable, and successful. It shows you pay attention to the details, and new customers feel more secure in placing their trust in you.

We can design a logo and beautifulyy coordinated brand materials for you, item by item. From a fresh logo to business essentials like presentation folders and envelopes to website design, Cdesigns can bring it all together.

Rack Cards


Foam Board Signs

Business Cards

Holiday Cards

The colors and design elements in your marketing materials should complement your logo.

Go big and bold with color on your branded business envelopes.

Color coordinate your signage using your logo colors. Cdesigns specializes in branding.

We can design and print several variations of your business card if you need different cards for different audiences.

A lively and colorful holiday card is a chance to stand out. Challenge us to design one for your business!