Grow Your Online Presence

With more than 5 billion internet users worldwide, it's more important than ever to strengthen your position in the online marketplace.


do you know who your online competitors are?

Know your competitors and periodically make a serious study of their online presence and what they are offering. Evaluate what you think they're doing right (and wrong) in all of these places. Read their reviews to see what actual customers liked (and also where the competitor came up short). Come up with strategies to compete head on and claim your own share of the market. Armed with knowledge and strategies, you can place compelling ads that hit all the right notes with prospective customers. Cdesigns has extensive experience in designing on-line ads.  


Social Media Pages

Google Business Panel

Online Reviews

Online Ads

Study competitor websites to see where yours may be lagging behind.

Review the social media pages of your competitors to see how you may be able to level up.

Make sure you have a Google knowledge panel for your business and all the information in it is up to date.

Acquire more and better online reviews than your competition.

Take note of where your competitors are advertising online and double down with bigger, better ads.

are you advertising where your customers are spending time online?

The Rule of 7's in marketing says that a customer prospect must see your brand (or ad) at least 7 times before they will be stirred to take action. Online advertising is one way to achieve this type of engagement. Research where your potential customers spend the bulk of their time online. By placing your ads in those places, it's more likely that customers will be engaged by them enough times to eventually take the desired action you're looking for.

Even more powerful is when customer prospects see your message in multiple ways, such as in an online ad, in a direct mail piece, and at an event. A multi-channel marketing approach reinforces the notion that your brand is credible and successful.

Cdesigns can help you with ad creation.

Social Media Posts/Ads

Niche Websites


Neighbor Websites

News & Weather Websites

Branded posts and ads reinforce your brand. We can create them for you.

If your customers are hanging out on hobby or special interest websites, consider an online ad on those sites.

Google is the #1 search engine. If you're not ranking high in an organic search, consider a paid ad for top visibility.

Consider whether you should have an ad on neighborhood websites like NextDoor or other locally-driven websites.

Advertise where your customers are shopping, checking the weather, or reading the daily news.

ARE YOU driving customers to your online business?

With our products it's easy to get the "visit our website" message out. All printable items are an opportunity to show your website's url.

Have deals or discounts that can only be found on the website. Get other people to talk about you online and (better yet) actually provide a link to your site.

Contacting people by mail, tv, or radio is a little less personal, but you can reach a large audience fairly quickly. Tell them about your website and give them a good reason to visit.

Once people arrive at your website, make sure they don't find broken links, poor quality images, outdated images, garbled messages, tiny print, inappropriate fonts, confusing navigation, no chat or help feature, outdated contact information and worse. The list of potential pitfalls is a lengthy one. Invest in a quality website that can grow with your brand, one that visitors will leave feeling confident about your brand, not frustrated.

QR Codes

Social Media Icon Signs

Print Materials

Car Magnets


Include QR codes in your print marketing materials. Customers can scan them with their mobile phone and go straight to your website.

Place a "Like Us on Facebook" sign in a prominent spot to drive traffic to your social media page and grow your fan base.

Include your website address and social media page links on all of your printed business materials.

Use your business vehicles to advertise your website to people who are on the road and taking notice.

Talk up your website and social media pages at events and hand out materials like stickers to remind them how to find you online.