20" x 20" Aluminum Square Signs

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Polished aluminum signs provide a sleek, professional look for interior and exterior uses such as behind a reception counter, in a conference room, or in a parking lot.

This 20" x 20" square aluminum sign comes custom-printed with weather and scratch-resistant ink.

Choose a 3mm (0.118") or thicker 6mm (0.236") gloss finish aluminum with black core. 

Choose full color on the front with a blank reverse side or full color on both sides.

Optionally, you can choose to have holes drilled on all 4 corners or add a pair of 3M command strips.

Aluminum signs typically last 3-6 months. Actual life expectancy varies. Aluminum signs may have sharp edges.

If your aluminum sign will ONLY contain your print-ready logo, text, and a solid-colored background, graphic design is free. If you want additional graphics, design is $85.