Political Campaigns

Below, we've listed a few of the most common marketing materials used for political campaigning. If you already have these basic materials, is it time to refresh the words or images? Do the materials take advantage of modern digital and print technologies, such as QR codes, spot UV, and soft, velvety finishes? Are they well-written? Are they eye-catching? If you can check all these boxes for your existing campaign materials, you may be ready to go beyond the basics with new marketing ideas. Look for inspiration under "Other Ideas" below. 

Commonly used marketing materials for political campaigning:

Other Ideas:

Make it Easy for Campaign Donors to GiveDonation envelopes are a good way to remind and encourage your followers to give. If you're hosting a campaign fundraiser, consider leaving a custom-printed donation envelope at each place setting or in other prominent locations. Tell customers where they can turn in their donations. Include instructions for online donations on the envelopes. 

Help Your Fans Promote You:  Campaign stickers are an affordable one-size-fits all giveaway that your fans can wear to proudly show their support. 

Let Followers Promote You on Social Media:  We can create a custom-printed backdrop banner for your next campaign fundraiser event. Let your followers have their picture taken with you, and encourage them to share it on their social media pages as a way to raise awareness about your candidacy. 

Drive Your Message Home: We can design a bumper sticker to promote your campaign slogan. Give them out to fans and let them promote your campaign around town. 

Conduct a Meet and Greet:  Make personal connections by attending local area events. We can design a custom-printed canopy to help draw people to your booth. Hand out brochures that showcase your biography, qualifications, endorsements, accomplishments, and campaign promises.

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