Below, we've listed a few of the most common marketing materials used by health professionals. If you already have these basic materials, is it time to refresh the words or images? Do the materials take advantage of modern digital and print technologies, such as QR codes, spot UV, and soft, velvety finishes? Are they well-written? Are they eye-catching? Are all your print materials consistently brand-coordinated? Are they current with any changes in your business? If you can check all these boxes for your existing marketing materials, you may be ready to go beyond the basics with new marketing ideas. Look for inspiration under "Other Ideas" below. 

Commonly used marketing materials in the health industry:

Other Ideas:

Stretch Your Advertising Budget:  Partner with one or more other, different health-related businesses and co-op on a direct mail booklet. You can significantly stretch your budget and reach more customer/patient prospects when you share the cost of advertising. Cdesigns can work with you and your partners to develop and mail your co-op advertising campaign.

Raise Community Awareness About Your Company:  Purchase a custom-branded vendor canopy and make regular appearances at health fairs, conferences, and other events. Offer a free treatment or consultation with a raffle contest. Distribute free bottles of water, branded with your logo and inspirational quote or other message.

Use Bag Toppers for Giveaways:  bag topper is a custom-printed card that folds over the opening of a plastic, paper, or cellophane bag and is stapled in place after the bag is filled. They can be customized with your logo, message, and design. When you need giveaway items for an industry event, you can fill bags with product samples, tea, healthy snacks, or perhaps seeds, so customers can grow their own healthy greens. Bag topper cards leave no doubt as to where the gift came from. Keep a supply of them on hand for occasions when you need to assemble quick, affordable, and memorable gifts or giveaways. Use them to build goodwill for your insurance business.

Add "Shelf-Life" to Your Marketing Materials:  Everyone appreciates recipes that are simple, delicious, and healthy. Consider displaying or handing out one or a series of branded rack cards that include your company information on one side and a healthy recipe on the other. Let customers "take one." Optionally, include a QR code that directs customers/patients to "More Healthy Recipes" on your website. Recipe cards have a "value-added" shelf life as they often end up on the refrigerator or passed along to a friend, in both cases further exposing your brand in a positive way. 

Capture Your Captive Audience:  Instead of hanging art in your reception, treatment, and other customer/patient areas, hang posters that promote products and services you offer. It provides your captive audience with something interesting to learn about while they are waiting, and maximizes your opportunity to cross-sell and upsell to them. Cdesigns can create posters with whatever mood, colors, and messages you want to display.

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